Germany: World’s Most Environmental Friendly Trains

Germany: World’s Most Environmental Friendly Trains

Germany is launching the most environmental-friendly trains in the world.

Trains that will be 100 percent powered by hydrogen and oxygen will be launching in Germany soon, the only waste that they’ll be producing is clean water.

These new environmental friendly trains are expected to travel up to 1.000 kilometers on a single tank with speeds of 140 km/h.

The company behind the hydrogen trains has currently build 14 trains for Germany, ready to go into service from December of 2021.

The new trains are expected to carry passengers in Lower Saxony, replacing the already existing diesel trains which are polluting the environment.

A pilot programme will star in spring 2018 in order to test and improve itself and the whole project.

These trains may soon replace all the old ones in Germany and not only, in order to help stop climate change and the environmental pollution in general.

20% of Europe’s current rail traffic is hauled by diesel locomotives, according to the European Commission. The UK, Greece, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among those highly dependent on diesel traction, according to a report.

That’s why we need to make the transition from the traditional polluting, often diesel-powered trains to green energy-powered ones, like these new trains in Germany.

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