Is China a dictatorship?

Is China a dictatorship?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) changed the rules just now and removed presidential term limits. That means that the president can now rule for life.

Current Chinese president Xi Jinping’s term was about to end in 2023, as he current term is the 2nd in a row. However, he changed the rules.

The Chinese authorities have set up CCTV cameras everywhere in the country, that allows them to prevent, stop and block any kind of protest or concentration of people.

Is China a dictatorship?

Kinda. China is closer to a dictatorship than a democracy, that’s for sure. China’s press is not free, according to a Freedom House report:

“China is home to one of the world’s most restrictive media environments and its most sophisticated system of censorship.

The ruling CCP maintains control over news reporting via direct ownership, accreditation of journalists, harsh penalties for online criticism, and daily directives to media outlets and websites that guide coverage of breaking news stories.

State management of the telecommunications infrastructure enables the blocking of websites, removal of mobile-phone applications from the domestic market, and mass deletion of microblog posts, instant messages, and user accounts that touch on banned political, social, economic, and religious topics.”, the report mentions.

“Xi has not yet crossed the threshold into personalist dictatorship but is moving closer, and his regime demonstrates a number of characteristics of personalism.

For example, personal loyalty to Xi dictates access to high office, and he largely controls appointments to the party executive committee and the security apparatus.

But Xi doesn’t have his own security service or paramilitary loyal to him alone — like Putin’s National Guard, for instance.” a Washington Post report says.

China is now almost 100% controlled by the authorities, and that’s extremely worrying. World freedom and democracy may be threatened by China and other authoritarian regimes.

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