How China Stole West’s Technology

How China Stole West’s Technology

Many think that China is the remnant of the Soviet Union, or an updated version of it as they share some similar values like totalitarianism, censorship to everything that opposes the government and the habit of stealing West’s technology.

American manufacturers are often selling one of their machines to a Chinese company, then the Chinese government (which often hold ties with Chinese companies as there is no real free market in China) is copying it and stealing as much as they can.

Until recently, Chinese technology was far behind the West. Mao had his people build steel furnaces all over the place, but the steel produced was never of good quality. This tells the West that China was extremely backward in technology then. How did China catch up so quickly?

The history of technology shows that it is very difficult to keep technology a secret. This is particularly noticeable in warfare, but also in peaceful endeavors. “Stealing” is a broad word for “acquiring” technology. We can look at Chinese products and see they look like ours.

Microsoft also complained of the piracy of their intellectual property in China for many years.

China does not enjoy the basic individual freedoms and society that have always been instrumental in creating advanced technology, investment in new technology and protection of intellectual property.

Source: quora

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