UBI will not create dependence, it’ll free people from it

UBI will not create dependence, it’ll free people from it

Cashier, truck driver, Retail salesperson. All three of these job positions are in the 10 most common jobs in America. They’ll soon be in the 10 most uncommon ones.

Amazon is already using cashier-less stores, soon everyone will do the same. The reason is simple, it’s far less expensive and much faster than busy lines.

“you won’t see a single cashier, cash register, or self-service checkout stand. Such things have no place in the future. You simply walk in, grab what you need, and go.”, a CNN report mentioned recently.

Similarly, the truck driver job position will also disappear and for a reason, driver-less cars are already being sold to business and as a result, truck drivers will just be useless in the near future.

There are literally hundreds of job positions that are in danger of disappearing due to automation and AI technology replacing them.

Many may now think that this is bad, but it’s actually really good. Not only robots will do a better job at it, but it will allow people to do more useful and creating things, that’s the reason we started working in the first place.

Now that we created something to do the hard work, we can relax and work on what is actually needed in order to push the human kind forward. We don’t need more useless jobs, we need a system of advanced Capitalism, the evolution of Capitalism, its next stage.

A universal basic income will not create dependence to the government, it will do the exact opposite, it will allow people to start their own business or change job positions without the fear of poverty and failure.

Tom F.


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