How China Is Killing Freedom Around The World

How China Is Killing Freedom Around The World

After WW2 China became a member of the United Nations and a great shaper of the post war world, but soon after it took power in 1949, the Chinese communist party began to pursue authoritarian expansionism.

After 1972 the United States and China re-established diplomatic relations and began to open their economies to one another, something had started to change.

After the fall of the Soviet Union the free world assumed that a free China was inevitable, some free countries agreed to give China open access to their economies, and the United Stated brought China into the World Trade Organisation.

We made this choice in the hope that freedom in China will expand in all of its forms, not just economically, but politically, with respect to the classical liberal principles like a future universal basic income, private property, personal liberty, religious freedom and all human rights, but that hope has gone unfulfilled.

The dream of freedom remains distant for the Chinese people.

Over the past 17 years, China’s GDP has grown nine-fold, the authoritarian nation has become the 2nd largest economy in the world.

The Chinese communist party has also manipulated the currency many times, has stole Western technological advances (especially by stealing U.S army secrets).

In recent speech at Hudson Institute, the U.S Vice accused China of “meddling in America’s democracy,” in a wide-ranging speech and slammed China’s militarization of contested areas in the South and East China Sea, its practice of “debt diplomacy” in developing countries, and efforts to convince other nations to sever ties with Taiwan.

China has also been buying its way into Europe, individual physical assets that Chinese companies have invested in Europe including Nuclear plants, Solar, Buildings, Football Teams, Airports, Seaports, Oil, Wind, 49.9Mw solar farm in Norfolk, England.

Nowhere is China’s buying spree more evident than in the British capital, where it has gobbled up around a dozen office towers in the City of London and Canary Wharf financial districts.

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