Are pointless jobs contributing to the rise of populism and polarization?

Most of today’s job positions are pointless, that fact alone is a sign of failure and indicates that our economy is in need of change, or better.. of upgrade.

It seems like as a society we’re stuck in a mindset that sees a job as the way to make a living, but if you think about it most of America’s legends actually started their own company, many times without even getting a pointless job in first place.

A pointless job can be pointless in many ways, it can be pointless from the point that you exchange your time with money, which results to building absolutely nothing for yourself or your children, obviously because when you stop working you’ll not receive your “fixed” paycheck.

An other perspective of a pointless job is more practical, because jobs are starting – and will be completely replaced by automation.

Truck driver is the most famous job in the United States, cashier is one of them too, they both are about to get replaced, as we saw with the newest Amazon’s and Walmart’s cashier-free stores and autonomous vehicles.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the evolution of today’s Capitalism, it’s actually the right way to do Capitalism, because everyone will have the opportunity to build his business.

A universal basic income added to our current system will have the traditional advantages of Capitalism plus zero poverty, but it will provide everyone a basic amount consuming power in order to get started.

Without this fundamental upgrade to our economy, populism and polarization will continue to grow, causing our democracy to weaken and therefore allow foreign regimes like the Chinese or the Russian ones to interfere and destabilize the free world order.