Lack Of Universal Basic Income Reduces Scientific Progress

Lack Of Universal Basic Income Reduces Scientific Progress

A Universal Basic Income (UBI) would give people the freedom to get involved in science, get educated and push the human race forward, while the lack of UBI is a distraction.

The lack of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) forced most people to do useless tasks like spending time to make money scamming people, or even through
illegal activities.

A UBI would save time and guarantee the survival of people (at least food) so they, instead can focus on providing the society and mark real value for their profit.

Scientists usually come from families with enough wealth to educate their children, even with a small University debt, so they can be all kinds of scientists and professionals.

Imagine what would happen if all people had guaranteed survival and enough food, many would choose to continue to work at the same job, other would switch to a more desirable one, but others would make a huge difference to the world.

In addition to all these benefits a having a UBI, automation is already reducing much of the demand for the most popular jobs in America, truck driver and cashier.

“After Amazon’s “Amazon Go” 100% self-service stores with no cashiers and cameras tracking the purchases, now Walmart is opening a store without any cashier personnel in it.”, a report by The Incomer mentions.

“Universal basic income is about giving people cash without question, and trusting that they know how to use it in the most-effective way they can”, an economist at the University of Bath, UK named Luke Martinelli said about UBI.

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