Being Against UBI Is Like Being Against Humanity’s Progress

Being Against UBI Is Like Being Against Humanity’s Progress

From the early stages of humanity, people were always inventing and implementing new things, ideas and behaviors in order to improve their lives, most of the times with success.

From being pirates, destroyers and murderers, we progressed by inventing trade for more equal and fair transactions of goods then we invented the currency for more equal trade, and in the industrial age we invented a way to progress like crazy, the machine.

In the industrial age, the machines and factories needed people to operate them, so the labor force was invented, and people were “making a living” of working and contributing at the manufacturing process.

Today, automation and AI are replacing those workers, so we have to invent something new in order to prevent mass poverty (not that poverty that was and still exists isn’t an issue), that will allow us to progress even more, and improve our lives like we did before.

One of those solutions that we need to implement is a Universal Basic Income (UBI), a basic consuming power in form of regular paychecks to all people so that we can make smooth transition to the post-industrial era, the era of automation.

Automation will replace most current job positions, that is a great thing, as automation is much more efficient at doing these kind of tasks and people can now do the tasks that robots still can’t, that way we’ll progress more and faster.

But UBI isn’t only about automation replacing jobs, but also about eliminating poverty, reducing crime and rise life conditions all across the globe, it’s also about giving people true individual freedom for the first time in history.

A Universal Basic Income would let people choose their basic needs, reducing some free, but expensive for the government services and benefits and therefore reducing government size.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) would bring real freedom to our society, allowing even more people to get higher education, get involved in science and medicine, while the free time created by guaranteed survival would allow people to work on projects that can bring innovation.

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